Danny Benedict Unintimidated by the Unknown at Flamboro Speedway

Danny Benedict

ORONO, ON – While there’s no hiding the fact that Pro Late Model rookie Danny Benedict will enter this Saturday’s APC United Late Model Series event at Flamboro Speedway surrendering a great deal of seat time to most of the roster – it’s also evident that he doesn’t seem at all phased or worried about his Late Model debut at the Hamilton-area bullring.

Indeed, Benedict will make his first career Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model start during Saturday’s Interstate Batteries 100, but the multi-time Sunset Speedway winner is ready for the challenge.

“When we decided to jump on the tour fulltime we understood it would mean a lot of nights where we didn’t have the experience advantage,” says Benedict. “I don’t have any laps at Flamboro in a Late Model but I’ve crewed for guys there, I’ve seen a lot of races there and I’ve been watching as much on-board footage as I can get my hands on.”

“We aren’t going into Saturday unprepared – I can promise you that. This is all part of what moving to Pro Late (Model) racing is about for us. We’ve known right from the beginning that it was going to push us to adapt and be better and that’s a huge part of what makes this so exciting.”

Benedict’s Flamboro debut comes on the heels of an APC Series opening round at Sunset that most definitely did not play out the way his family-run team had anticipated.

After struggling to find speed all afternoon, the home track favourite was unable to transfer into the 100-lap main event from the Last Chance Qualifier.

“After the lumps we took (at Sunset Speedway) I can’t even explain how motivated we are to get to Flamboro and put together a complete race night,” explains the second-generation racer. “Sunset was a giant disappointment for us but it’s the type of night that makes you better in the long run.”

“We went home, we did more work, we made sure to learn from our mistakes and now we’re ready to get after it again,” adds Benedict. “Either you win or you learn.”

“Our number one goal is to make it into the show through time trials,” continues Benedict. “At a place like Flamboro, as soon as you’re in the show it’s anybody’s race. We just need to put ourselves in a position where we have the chance to succeed.”