Danny Benedict Ready To Add To His White-Hot Start

Danny Benedict
ORONO, ON – While there’s no question who the dominant driver on the Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model roster has been through the opening month of the season, Danny Benedict is playing his cards close to the vest when it comes to the topic of a first career track championship.

“There’s no chance you’re ever going to catch us talking about the point standings in June,” laughs Benedict when asked if his early success could possibly translate into a first career Sunset Speedway title run. “It’s a long schedule. There is way too much season left for us to start making any kind of predictions like that.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up around this sport for most of my life,” adds the well-spoken rising star, “and it always seems like the guys that get too ahead of themselves with talk about the standings and how many more wins they’re going to get are the guys that get snake-bit later in the season with bad luck.”

“It’s not really my style to stand around and yell about how great I am. I’d sooner just stay humble, keep putting this work in and see what I can do to help my guys make this car even faster.”

However, while cagey about looking towards the rest of 2018 and where his team is headed, Benedict wastes little time in reflecting on how far his team has come since their 2016 debut in Sunset’s headline division.

“When we first jumped into a Late Model it felt like we were working on another planet,” admits the second-generation racer. “There was nothing simple about those first two years. Every night on track was a grind. Every week back at the shop was more work than we’d like to admit. But, we stuck it out, and now things are really starting to come together the way we need them to.”

Above all else, it’s clear that the Orono, ON product has deep reverence for his team’s dedication and commitment to their craft.

“To have my family and my crew know that they’re appreciated is the most important thing in the world for me,” explains Benedict. “We aren’t one of these teams with a six-figure budget. We don’t have hired help. Anyone that helps me is in the shop bruising their knuckles during the week and sweating their butts off at the track on Saturdays because they believe in me and this team. I would never be able to repay that.”

“So, we’re going to keep putting our hearts and souls into this program, and I’m going to keep doing everything I can to get these teams the kind’ve finishes they can be excited about.”