Danny Benedict Planning a Limited Schedule For his Limited Late Model Racing in 2020 Season

Danny Benedict

ORONO, ON – With his sights set on a run towards the 2020 APC United Late Model Series title, Sunset Speedway regular Danny Benedict has announced that his family will not field a fulltime Limited Late Model program this season.

The two-time Fall Velocity winner still has plans for select Limited Late Model starts when his Pro Late Model schedule allows, with Benedict and close friend Dale Shaw utilizing the car as a ‘research and development’ project of sorts.

“Our Limited Late Model stuff really wasn’t up to the standard we set for ourselves last year,” admits Benedict. “Luck definitely wasn’t on our side for a big part of the year – but I’m not going to use that excuse as a crutch”

“We don’t want to have another season that feels like we’re spreading ourselves thin,” adds the second-generation racer. “Our goal is to get our Pro Late Model stuff to the next level. But, when we have a free weekend here and there, we’ll absolutely be at Sunset trying different packages with our Limited (Late Model).”

Benedict rose to prominence in the Limited Late Model ranks following a very successful tenure as a Mini Stock racer, and credits the talented division as the ideal stepping stone to a what he hopes will be an APC Series championship run.

“You couldn’t ask for a better roster to race against every Saturday than Sunset’s Limited Late Model division,” says the Orono, ON racer. “It doesn’t take much to learn a lot there. All you need to do is pay attention. There are a lot of good teams with some of the best drivers in the province.”

“We’re excited to go on tour this season for a second time, but there’s no doubt we’ll be leaning on a lot of the lessons we learned racing at Sunset. I’m still looking forward to getting back there as much as I can”

In addition to Benedict competing in select Sunset Speedway events, his familiar No. 54 will see additional action with former APC United Late Model Series champion Dale Shaw at the wheel.

“I might be even more excited about Dale racing this car than he is,” jokes Benedict with a laugh. “He’s mentioned wanting to race it for the last two years and, with me stepping back from points racing, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect to get him in the car for a few nights.”

“Dale’s been such a massive help to me and I’ve loved crewing for him any time I’ve had the chance. He has a ton of talent and we have a lot of fun together as a team. I’m really looking forward to reversing the roles for a few nights and seeing how quickly we can get Dale to the front.”