Danny Benedict Not Ready to Compromise Style in Pursuit of Sunset Championship

Danny Benedict

ORONO, ON – Although there’s no question that second-generation racer Danny Benedict understands perfectly what a Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model championship would mean to his burgeoning short track career – it’s equally obvious that the multi-time winner is not about to allow his dreams of becoming a champion influence his style of attack each and every Saturday.
“We’re here to win no matter what,” says Benedict. “Every week. Every race. The goal is to do what we need to do to get to the front and stay there. I’m being completely honest when I say that we don’t keep track of where we are in the standings – because we’re way too focused on how to make our stuff better for raceday.”
And, while numerous Sunset championships have been won on the end of a ‘play it safe’ strategy, Benedict insists that style simply does not mesh with his family-run team – led by his father Doug Benedict and best friend Dale Shaw.
“It’s just not in me to try and hang back and points race – I’m not sure I could do it if I tried,” admits the Orono, ON product. “My Dad and Dale [Shaw] and every other person on this team work way too hard on this car for me not to come out and give them every bit of effort that I have.”
“We built this car to win races,” continues Benedict. “We’re absolutely not the guys that finish 6th in the feature and then high-five each other on the way home because we had a good points night. That’s not us. We’re way too competitive and we expect way too much of ourselves to not be disappointed when we don’t win.”
When pressed on his thoughts in regards to the hotly contested Sunset Speedway Late Model championship, Benedict suggests that he’ll be made aware of the results once everything is said and done.
“I’m pretty sure someone will tap us on the shoulder in September and let us know how the standings worked out,” laughs Benedict. “It’s all going to play out wether I pay attention to it or not.”
“So, until then, I’m just happy to focus on doing my best to be better every Saturday. I want constant improvement out of myself as a driver. My team gives me an amazing piece every week – so if I can hold up my end of the bargain and keep improving then we’ll be alright.”