Danny Benedict Aims to Extend Hot Streak Into Spring Velocity Weekend

Danny Benedict
ORONO, ON – After having fashioned 2 wins in his first 3 starts of the season in weekly Sunset Speedway NASCAR Late Model competition, fan favourite Danny Benedict will look to this weekend’s Spring Velocity as the next stage in his seemingly meteoric rise through the ranks of one of Ontario’s toughest divisions.

“Our team is not exactly lacking motivation going into this weekend,” laughs Benedict. “It feels like we’ve struck gold with this program so far. I just wanna stick to the gameplan and keep things moving. If we keep pushing forward, who knows how much better we can get.”

“The Great Lakes [Concrete] Series has been circled on our calendar since there was still snow on the ground,” continues the second-generation racer. ‘’It would be an honour to win one of those races. Especially at Sunset. And especially during Spring Velocity weekend. We know that it’s going to draw some of the best Ltd. Late Models in the province, and our team is out to prove that we belong with the best of the best – so this weekend is a huge opportunity for us.”

Benedict is just one of many Ltd. Late Model regulars with his sights set on the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Series, although he’s well aware of just how important it is to find consistency early in the mini-series’ abbreviated schedule.

“One of the things that makes this series so difficult is how short the schedule is,” opines the Orono, ON racer. “I mean – six races is not a lot. So, yah, a win early in the season would be huge for us in the standings. But, at the same time, if we come out and have a bad day it could be enough to ruin the whole series for us.”

“Everybody is going to want to be remembered as the guy that won the first race of the Series – so we just need to make sure we make the right decisions”

When asked his thoughts on the mini-series roster, Benedict gives credit to the Sunset Speedway regulars that he’s tasked with beating each and every Saturday. However, there’s no question that the addition of the Sauble Speedway talent will make Sunday’s event even more daunting.

“I feel like we’re already up against the best weekly guys in the province every Saturday – but when you throw the Sauble Speedway teams into the mix it’s even tougher,” notes Benedict. “I’m still learning and developing compared to a lot of the drivers in this series. So, the goal is no doubt to bring our best stuff and try to outrun them, but to also do our best to learn and get better when we’re out there with the veterans of the division.”