Dan Archibald Commits to 2019 Sunset Speedway Championship Pursuit

Dan Archibald

INNISFIL, ON – Polarizing Super Stock competitor Dan Archibald will race full time at Sunset Speedway this coming season in a bid to tally his first ever track championship.

“I think you could make a real good argument that we’ve been one of the best teams on this roster that’s never won a championship,” says Archibald matter-of-factly. “We’ve won a lot of races and beat a lot of good cars but I’m not going to be satisfied until we have a championship.”

Archibald has competed at Sunset Speedway on and off since the 2007 season and has since established himself as a regular threat for feature victories – however the consistency needed for a legitimate championship push has eluded him thus far.

“There isn’t a single doubt in my mind that this is a team that can outrun anyone on any (Super Stock) roster in the province,” insists the Innisfil, ON native. “We’ve been better every single year and this season we just need to find a way to be better every single Saturday.”

“This championship is our number one goal this season,” adds Archibald. “We aren’t going to get sidetracked. We aren’t going to get distracted. And – I can guarantee you – we aren’t going to settle for finishing second.”

And, while Archibald is preparing to unleash the best instalment of his battle-tested outfit, he’s quick to note that fans shouldn’t expect him to change his nightly approach any time soon.

“we’re still going to be coming out every Saturday and doing everything we can to win races,” says Archibald. “Just because we’re racing for a championship doesn’t mean we’re going to start laying down and just praying for top-5 finishes.”

“The fans and every other driver on the roster know exactly what to expect when it comes to my driving style. I’m not going to change that for anything. We’re going to win races and that will help us win a championship – that’s what our 2019 is going to be about.”