Dale Reinhart Believes in Team’s Chances to Chase OSCAAR Modified Championship

Dale Reinhart

SHELBURNE, ON – Dale Reinhart will be back on tour with the OSCAAR Modified Series in 2019. The former Motocross racer began carving out a name for himself with a feature-win season last year and is hoping to continue his ascent through the Modified ranks this summer.

“Last season was our chance to show everyone just how good we can be,” says Reinhart. “We’ve worked real hard on figuring out how to be better with this program. [2018] was an up-and-down season – for the most part. But, when we were good, I’d like to think we were real good.”

After having earned his first career OSCAAR Modified Tour win last season, Reinhart hopes that his race team will be able to transition into a more permanent threat at the front of the field on a regular basis.

“I want us to be consistent from one race to the next,” details the Shelburne, ON racer. “If we can perform every single race at the same level that we were at through the second half of last season, then I know we can jump into the mix for a run at the championship.”

“That’s our ultimate goal – that’s where we want to get as soon as possible,” adds Reinhart. “It would be a huge honour for me to be able to call myself a champion. I’ll work as hard as I need to so that we can keep improving this team.”

And, no matter where Reinhart’s team finds themselves in the championship standings this season, there’s no question that they’re expecting much more from themselves than ever before.

“Our first two seasons on the tour were all about trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible,” notes Reinhart. “But I feel like we’re a little bit past that point now. It’s time to start pushing ourselves more and wanting more out of our team.”

“We’re good enough to win races on a regular basis and we’re good enough to jump into the championship battle. That’s where I’m hoping to set the bar for our team this season. We’ll see how it plays out for us.”