Cory McAllister Ready to Chase Another Championship in 2020

Cory McAllister

HANOVER, ON – Following a 2019 championship victory at Full Throttle Motor Speedway in his first season behind the wheel of a Super Stock, Cory McAllister has announced his intentions to compete fulltime at Sunset Speedway this coming season.

“This is a move that we’re excited to make as a team,” says McAllister. “It’s a big step for us to jump outside of our comfort zone like this. But, I really believe it’s a move that’s going to make us a lot stronger in the long run.”

“We just want to enjoy any gains that we can make this year without taking any steps backwards. That would be the perfect season for us. We aren’t taking ourselves too seriously coming into this deal. We’re excited to enjoy the ride.”

McAllister’s team of family members and supporters – as well as the consulting services of perennial Super Stock division heavyweight Shawn Chenoweth – will be alongside the Hanover, ON native as he looks to break into the upper echelon of the talented Sunset Speedway weekly program.

“I really can’t begin to explain how lucky I am to have a good team and a good support system to help put all of this in place,” offers McAllister.

“I’m real focused on making this our best season yet. Sunset is an entirely new challenge for us and it’s an honour to be able to comfortably say that we’ve built up a program that we believe is strong enough to go there and jump in the mix for a championship.”

And, while McAllister is a Super Stock novice when compared to Sunset’s veteran-heavy group, there’s no doubting his sense of self-belief.

“Our goal is to find a way to be in contention every single night,” outlines the personable sophomore. “We want to put ourselves in a position to race for a championship. We absolutely believe that we have a combination strong enough to make that happen.”

“We understand how important it’s going to be to get a strong start to the season. A team like ours doesn’t have the luxury of stumbling coming out of the gate. We need to be good from the word ‘go’. Because, if we dig ourselves a hole early, it won’t be easy to battle back in the points standings.”

“This team is excited to put up some strong, consistent numbers to open the season,” adds McAllister. “We’re going to let these other teams know that we’re absolutely good enough to be taken seriously.”