Coltin Everingham Planning On Great Lakes Concrete Series And Sunset Speedway Championship Run

Coltin Everingham
ALCONA BEACH, ON – Race Fans can count on seeing 2017 breakout contender Coltin Everingham as one of the many supporters of the upstart Sauble/Sunset Great Lakes Concrete Series.

The six-race mini-series will feature three races at each facility and has already drawn the interest of many top-level competitors from across Ontario, “The Super stock division is stacked with talent and we are excited to have our team in the mix” says Everingham.

“This series has the kind of buzz and excitement around it that makes it a lot easier to decide that we want to be fully engaged in it, with Nascar points on the line, and good pay outs to.”

“These cars aren’t getting any cheaper to build and maintain,” continues, Everingham “And it only gets harder if the speedways don’t work together and try to put the drivers on the same tire rules etc, that’s all we want, a fair playing ground and let’s go racing, m ay the best prepared car and team win.”

The 2017 season was, Coltins coming out party, with a handful of checkered flags to his credit, the Super Stock racer acquired a Streamline Race Products chassis and drove the wheels off it night after night, gaining more and more confidence as the season went on.

“When we debuted this car in 2017 it was all about addition by subtraction,” explains, Everingham “We were finding out what this piece was capable of, that’s was our 2017 plan , we never really expected it to go as well as it did.”

And, although Coltin is committed to chasing victories throughout the upcoming six-race mini-series, his main goal and focus will be on chasing down his 1st career championship at Sunset Speedway.

The Alcona Beach, ON-based driver is just one of the many young talents that will be battling it out against some of the province’s seasoned veteran’s, in hope’s on being name the first ever champion of this new upstart series.

” Get ready and used to seeing us at the front of the field , every single race in 2018, that is were my head is at, focused on gaining more and more confidence and points as possible, I’m going to do my best to keep this car, all my supporters and sponsors happy and on board with this program.”