Coltin ” Trickle ” Everingham “Ready for 2 days of Thunder “

Coltin Everingham 2017
INNISFIL , ON – Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity weekend, Has Arrived, For Coltin, This will be his 1st Big test, With his brand New ride.

“With Alittle repair work from our 1st time out, The crew has everything fixed up and we’re ready to go,” I can’t thank my parents and Buddy’s enough for all there time and commitment,”

“There’s no chance that anyone outside this team can put more pressure on me,To perform, says Everingham.

“What people are saying about us doesn’t impact our preparation at all. It’s flattering to be considered a contender this weekend before we’re even unloaded at the speedway – but we’re going to put in the hours to prepare all the same”

“The old car has came up big at many Invitationals and I am hoping the new car is up for the Challenge, I know what needs to be done and I plan on sticking to the game plan and having myself a great weekend, ”

“Pressure is a privilege in this sport,” Says, The Big Ez, “We expect to succeed because we know how much work is invested in this program. It’s a huge compliment for people outside of our team to recognize just how hard we’re working. It makes it all worthwhile”

When asked about Sunday’s 50-lap event, the second-generation star noted a well thought out strategy will be in play to outlast the competition expected.

“There’s a lot of strategy involved in these longer races at Sunset,” explains ‘Coltin “You can burn your stuff up in the first half of these races without even realizing it. You need to be careful”

“We’re going to save our tires for as long as we can and make a move when we know it’s right,” adds Everingham, “We’ve had some success in these races over the last few years. We know what works and what doesn’t – hopefully we can rely on that this Sunday.”