Coltin Everingham Tallies First Career Super Stock Feature Win

Coltin Everingham Sunset Speedway 2017
ALCONA BEACH, ON – With a brand new Streamline Race Products chassis at his disposal, Super Stock competitor Coltin Everingham has been routinely setting career records for himself throughout the early 2017 season. Last Saturday, the rising star set a new mark for his family-owned team by earning his first career Sunset Speedway feature victory.

“This is the defining moment we’ve been working so damn hard for,” smiled Everingham post-race. “This is it right here – this is what we needed to prove to everyone we’re one of the absolute best teams in this entire division. They want to doubt us or hate on us – let ‘em. It doesn’t slow us down at all. We’re going to keep proving them wrong”.

“People should start waking up and realizing that we are the future of this division,” continued the third-generation racer. “Weather you like it or not, this isn’t going to be the last time you see us in victory lane. We’re young, we’re motivated and we’re coming for these guys every single week”.

And while Everingham is certainly not short on bravado, he wasted little time in making it known his is far from a one-man operation as he credited SRP front-man Shaun McWhirter for engineering his 2017 successes.

“I owe Shaun [McWhirter] a huge debt of gratitude,” said Everingham. “That man has turned my career around in such a big way. I’ll put Streamline [Race Products] up against any chassis man in the province”.

“Mike McColl and Brian MacDonald are absolute geniuses in their own right – but in my opinion Shaun is right there with him. Just look what he’s done for us. We have more momentum behind our team now than we ever have before and a lot of that is because of him”.

After a late debut in May nixed the fourth-year racer’s hopes for a division championship, Everingham has opted now to set his sights exclusively on piling up feature victories.

“We missed the start of the season and that knocked us out of the points early,” explained Everingham, “so that means every Saturday is just straight up trophy-hunting season for us. We’re not distracted by where we are in the standings like a lot of the other guys out here. We don’t care about that”.

“We aren’t looking for podiums and top-5s nearly as much as we want to just come out and win. So every time this car comes off the trailer we’re swinging for the fences – all of these other guys better watch out”.

With his breakthrough victory now in his hip pocket, the outspoken upstart has already begun looking to his next possible accomplishment.

“I want to be the face of this division some day soon,” said the Alcona Beach, ON driver matter-of-factly. “That’s what I’m here to do. I pride myself on being one of the most entertaining guys out here”.

“I want to be fun to watch and I can guarantee that if you come and pay your admission to come watch the [number] 48 car – I’m going to send you home happy every single time”.