Coltin Everingham Secured His Spot at the Canadian Short Track Nationals with Saturday’s  Feature Win 

Coltin Everingham The race day started off as a struggle for Everingham racing, with the #48 machine not running properly in practice. The team went to work under the hood to make some last minute changes prior to the heat races.

“We continued to work out the issues for the miss in the motor and finally figured it out- Stats Everingham. We had to change pretty well everything to fix the problem,I was feeling a bit worried heading into heat number one.”

“But with all my hard working crew,friends and help from Fred and Taylor Holdaway we got her all fixed up and had an awesome run with the 52 car in the first heat running door to door. Second heat was good, made contact with another driver that was completed unintentional everything happens so fast in these cars and unless you’ve been in the car you have no idea, I hate seeing that stuff happen to people that work so hard for their program.”

“We had a fairly decent starting spot in the feature,and I made some very timely moves to get my team the win. It was pretty cool, I just did what I had to do to get the win, stayed smooth and consistent and came out on top. This feature win is what pushed me to run The Short Track Nationals, up until last night I wasn’t going to run it,but now we are definitely going to go for the 5k.”

Everingham’s second feature win of the season was made possible by: Dwayne Clugston Century 21, Ryan’s Landscaping, SmokeCloak, Queen Pouteen, Barrie Wild Wing, Streamline Race Products, Cabral Racing Promotions, partimer signs and Eagle Eye Contracting.