Coltin Everingham Ready to take the next step towards his first Championship push in 2018

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA BEACH,ON “This season was definitely one for the books, It was by far our best season and I cannot thank my crew, parents, CRP, SRP and all my sponsors enough for sticking through this season with me.”

“We will be running full time at Sunset International Speedway in hopes to clinch my first Championship in 2018.”

“We also plan on running as many specials as possible, This car performed unbelievable everywhere we unloaded, Which makes things way easier for my crew and adds a great vibe to our team.”

Everingham picked up a pair of Feature wins and a handful of Heat wins in 2017, Giving him career best in both departments.

With a possible shake up in the Sunset Speedway Super Stock Roster in 2018 , With some top guns, Maybe leaving the division, Coltins focus and determination will remain the same, Show up Unload and only worry about the 48 machine.

” You can’t show up on race day and worry about who is doing what and who has what” If that’s your focus then you will never succeed in the sport.”

Everingham Motorsports has already completely stripped the hotrod down and is currently working on some key upgrades over the off-season.

“We only took a week or so break from the time we arrived home from Peterborough, Says Coltin, This is how serious Myself and team are on making this championship push possible, By doing things right and taking our time, I don’t want to be rushed come spring, I want this bad ass ride to be race ready long before Opening night.”

“I’m definitely feeling very confident about were my program is heading, Having this updated rocketship, That “SRP” built me makes my job a hell of alot easier out there.”