Coltin Everingham Looking To Stay At The Top Of The Super Stock Division In 2018

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA , ON – After a 2017 season spent dedicated to establishing his family-run team’s place in the Sunset Speedway’s stacked Super Stock division, Coltin is counting the days until his very active 2018 season gets underway.

“I know we’re ready to, Says Everingham . “We were consistent with our improvements every night last Summer. Every time we had the car off the trailer it felt like we were getting better. “We have made alot of changes, Front to Back on this car in the off-season,A Tone of TLC has gone on at Streamline and Our shop.”

With a list of mixed young guns and accomplished veterans on the Sunset roster, Everingham knows his team will be forced to work right from the drop of the first green flag if they hope to be in the mix and stay near the top of the division.

“With how deep the talent pool is at Sunset and in the Super Stock Division is, Weather it be The Great lakes concrete series or at any other Invitational you can’t show up unprepared or not have the confidence in yourself or your behind the 8 ball before you even unload in the pits.”

“If you want to be anywhere near the top of the standings when things really start to count – then you need to put together as close to a perfect season as you can” Say Coltin. “I have really learned how to be calm and have alot of confidence in myself in life and behind the wheel , Which will hopefully, Make me stay at the top of the standing once again.”

“Trust me – we aren’t afraid to do the work that we need to,” Stats Everingham . “I’m not ready to accept anything less than another career year. We had such a great run and time last year and we just want to continue to grow as a team and myself as a driver.”

“This is one of the biggest divisions in the province, but we aren’t going to stop until we get where we need to be. I can’t wait to get started.” We plan on a very busy summer with 30 plus starts on it, If all goes well and the time and money is there you can count us to be at every big show including Jukasa, And chasing Sunset and The Great lakes concrete series Championship.”