Coltin Everingham Looking Forward To Sunday’s Great Lakes Concrete series Debut

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA, ON – Following a strong 2017 season that yielded career results for his small, family-owned operation, up-and-comer Coltin Everingham is excited for this weekend’s Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity event that will play host to the opening round of the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Super Stock Series.

“Man – a win at this event would mean the world to our team for a lot of reasons,” says Everingham. “Obviously, it would be the biggest moment of my career. But, more than that, it would get our program off to a strong start.”

“We need to come out if the gate in a big way because momentum can be such a difference marker,” continues the rising star. “Especially in a division like this where everyone is so close together. We can’t get ourselves behind the eight-ball early in the year. We need a big start.”

In addition to garnering some much-needed momentum, Coltin admits that laying claim to a Spring Velocity victory world of also come with important financial ramifications as well.

“There’s a good chance that we’re the lowest budget fulltime team on the roster,” offers the Alcona racer. Good finishes represent a lot more to us than they do to a lot of the other teams in the Super Stock division.”

“The bottom line is – winning races is the best way to guarantee that we’ll be back at the speedway next week. We have to make our budget stretch more than we’ve had to before, so we have to make sure that we finish up front so that we can keep putting money into our program. It’s a lot of pressure.”

After winning his first career Super Stock feature event in 2017, Everingham appears more motivated than ever to return to action and resume making a name for himself as one of the most promising young standouts on the Super Stock roster.

“It’s real important to me for us to show the rest of these teams that last season wasn’t a fluke,” explains Coltin. “I can give interviews saying that I’m for real until I’m blue in the face – but at the end of the day, the best way to get that message across is the prove it on the track.”

“We need to come up big in big situations,” “The Spring Velocity is the first big test on our schedule. We’re going to push ourselves as hard as need to so that we can get the job done.”