Coltin Everingham Hopes to Shine at Flamboro’s Frostoberfest Weekend

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA BEACH, ON – Former Sunset Speedway Super Stock champion Coltin Everingham will seek to add another chapter to his rapidly expanding resume this weekend as he touches down at Flamboro Speedway for its annual Frostoberfest event.

“There’s something about the big end-of-season shows that brings out the best in everyone,” says Everingham. “These races have everyone’s attention because everyone wants to win them. When you run up front in these races – with the type of talent there is – you know that it means something.”

Everingham took advantage of a gap in his schedule between Sunset Speedway’s Velocity weekend and Frostoberfest to enter Flamboro’s final weekly event of the season on September 28th.

The result was a valuable shakedown session that saw the Alcona Beach, ON hotshoe pocket a pair of runner-up finishes in the evening’s twin features as well as a renewed sense of confidence in his outfit’s chances of earning their first career Frostoberfest title.

“Frostoberfest is an event that everyone in Ontario knows about now,” says Everingham. “Flamboro has done an unreal job building it up these last few seasons. It’s way past the point of being a regional deal now. You don’t need to be a Flamboro regular to understand what it means to win this event.”

“We came out a week early to make sure our (Flamboro) package was at its best,” continues Everingham. “We’re going to come off the trailer this weekend with a car that can win. This is one that people remember for a long time, so we’re excited to add it to our list.”

Although Everingham’s Sunset season was marred by poor fortune, there’s no question that his family-run team is more than capable of outrunning the top contenders in the province.

“I can promise you that our stuff is way better than the stats sheet has shown this season,” insists Everingham. “We’ve had some real good nights taken from us in a few different ways. This is the kind of event that’s going to give us the platform to remind everyone what we can do.”

“Flamboro can beat you up if you aren’t careful,” adds Everingham. “You need to be in the right place at the right time. If you get caught in the middle of the field you might end up in someone else’s problem and if you push your stuff too quick you might end up burning up your equipment.”

“This is the type of show that motivates the hell out of us. We have confidence in our team and our equipment. We know that we can win this show.”