Coltin Everingham ‘Full Steam Ahead’ After Best Career Super Stock Finish

Coltin Everingham
INNISFIL, ON – Hard-luck Super Stock regular Coltin Everingham recently broke through with a career best 4th place finish at Sunset Speedway on Saturday, June 3rd.

Days later, Everingham was still feeling the after-effects of a career highlight, and wasted little time outlining his team’s plans for a follow-up.

“Saturday was an amazing night,” beams Everingham. “I mean, I can’t possibly call it anything else. It was a perfect moment for us. All the work we’ve put in over the offseason – that’s what it’s all about. I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life”.

The Innisfil, ON racer credits his volunteer crew comprised exclusively of family and friends for propelling him into the upper echelon of the Super Stock division.

“My guys have worked so hard to get us to this point,” explains the third-generation racer. “We were fast right off the trailer. If our car is that good all year, we’re going to be real hard for these guys to beat”.

“We’re ready to contend. It’s full steam ahead now. We’ve been hungry for a run like this for too long”.

After his first career top-5, Everingham and team loaded up for the short ride home to their Alcona Beach shop to prepare for their return to action on June 10th.

“We left the track, went home and jumped right in the shop,” laughs the fourth year veteran. “That’s what it’s all about. We’re working to get better. Now that we can finally call ourselves a top-5 car it’s time to start winning some races”.

“That’s where we’re headed. All these guys need to watch out – [Jordan] Howse, [Gerrit] Tiemersma, [Ryan] Semple – they all need to get ready to deal with us”.

“We’re the most underrated team on this roster – I don’t mind saying that at all,” boasts Everingham. “People can count us out all they want. We’re just going to keep coming out and doing this. We’re ready to be a factor this season. Every single night, watch for the 48 at the front”.