Coltin Everingham Files Entry for Battle at the Beach Invitational

Coltin Everingham at Sunset Speedway 2017

ALCONA BEACH, ON – In the midst of a breakout season in the talent-rich Super Stock division, Coltin Everingham has confirmed he’ll be looking to earn his first career Invitational victory this Sunday as part of Sauble Speedway’s inaugural ‘Battle at the Beach’.

“This deal on Sunday is just our next test to pass,” shrugs Everingham with confidence. “This is another chance for our team to show everyone that we’re the future of this division”.

“We keep coming out and surprising people. It’s a great feeling. I’m excited to keep that rolling. I’m excited to stand toe-to-toe with the best guys out there”.

For Everingham – a brash and outspoken youngster eager to carve out a reputation for himself in one of Ontario’s most difficult divisions – success away from his homebase of Sunset Speedway is seen as a means to an end.

“If you wanna make a name for yourself the way we do – you can’t just stay on the porch,” says the third-generation racer in reference to developing a touring schedule for his family-operated team.

“We understand that we need to hit the road and show people that we can get the job done anywhere,” adds Everingham. “I’ve already proven that we can win at Sunset. I’ve proven we can run at the front there just about any given Saturday. Now, we’re going to show we can do that away from home too”.

Tasked with running head-to-head with Sauble standouts like Kenny Grubb, Jake Zevenbergen and Zack Casemore, Everingham maintains his air of confidence and insists his team is more than ready to do what’s necessary to come away with Sunday’s victory.

“If these Sauble teams don’t think we’re a program they should take seriously – they’re dead wrong,” says Everingham. “Nobody wants to win more than we do. Nobody is willing to take it to that next level like we are”.

“We’re more than ready to put in the work. We’re hungry and we’re not going to be intimidated by anyone when those laps start to count on Sunday”.