Coltin Everingham Feels ‘No Pressure’ in Defending Sunset Speedway Super Stock Championship

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA BEACH, ON – Coltin Everingham’s 2019 Sunset Speedway season will be his first career championship title defense – the third-generation racer will be coming out of the pit gate prepared and looking to prove 2018 wasn’t by mistake.

“We had one of the best pieces of equipment to work with in my racing career,” Everingham said, “That doesn’t sound like a fluke to me at all. These guys can call it whatever they want. But, I know that we’re one of the hardest working teams and we will give it everything we need to keep proving it.”

The Alcona Beach, ON racer will be back at Sunset this season with the intent of tallying a second-consecutive division championship.

“I don’t feel like I owe anything to anyone as far as proving anything to anyone,” stats the multi-time feature winner. “Wether people like it or not – we’re the champion in this division. It’s up to everyone else to find a way to beat us. This is a no pressure season for our team.”

“I’ll be out there doing everything I can to win every single Saturday for the people that believed in me – not the people that don’t,” continues Everingham. “For every sponsor that believed in me, every member on my team that gave up so many hours of their time and for my parents that sacrificed a whole lot to get me here. That’s what motivates me.”

Coltin Everingham’s Sunset Speedway Super Stock championship defense is made possible thanks to the support of Dwayne Clugston Century 21, Extreme Air Systems LTD, Ryan’s Landscaping, Smoke Cloak, Queen Pouteen and Cabral Racing Promotions.