Coltin Everingham Eager to Defend Home Turf at Sunset Speedway Velocity

Coltin Everingham at Sunset Speedway 2017

ALCONA BEACH, ON – With a pair of Sunset Speedway Super Stock feature wins to his credit this season, rising stats Coltin Everingham is intent on entering this weekend’s Velocity 250 event as a way of defending his hometrack and representing for the division that has seen him develop from a mid-pack presence to a weekly threat to win.

“I understand that every team that signs in at the back gate is out for themselves – but there’s definitely some hometrack pride involved when you see teams from other speedways show up,” explains Everingham.

“You don’t want a visitor to get over on you at your hometrack. You don’t want them walking out with a trophy that should belong to you. That’s where our heads are at right now. We want to keep that Velocity trophy at Sunset.”

And while some Super Stock racers may shy away from an event expected to draw well over 30 of the division’s best competitors from all across Ontario, Everingham insists his family-owned team is more than ready to knock fenders with the top talent available.

“I’m not interested in padded stats,” says the breakout star. “I’m not hiding from events like this. Our team wants to go out and line up against the scariest guys. We want the most well prepared teams.”

“We aren’t afraid to step in harm’s way and take a chance or two,” adds Everingham. “We know that we’re for real and we want to prove it to everyone else. The Velocity is the biggest stage to show off just how far we’ve come in the last four years.”

Everingham is quick to credit Streamline Race Products founder Shaun McWhirter for engineering the ideal chassis and continuing to provide the No. 48 with a setup capable of outrunning so of the best drivers on the Sunset Speedway roster.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll have a package that can contend this weekend,” smiles the Alcona Beach, ON native. “Shaun McWhirter is a wizard, man. He always has this car dialed in and ready to work and this weekend won’t be any different.”

“[Streamline Race Products] has put this car together exactly the way I need it,” says Everingham. “Because of that, it’s really cut out learning curve. There haven’t been very many steps back this season. It’s been all forward movement. We wanted to be stronger every time the fans see us and that’s the trend we’re looking to continue at the Velocity.”