Coltin Everingham Dedicating 2019 Season to Proving That Championship Victory Was Anything but Fluke

Coltin Everingham
Photo by Dan Little Jr Photography

ALCONA BEACH, ON – Fresh off of a career year that culminated in a first career Sunset Speedway Super Stock championship, third-generation racer Coltin Everingham is already looking towards what can be done for an encore.

“We’re going to do our best to be two-time champs,” says Everingham. “It’s taken a while for this feeling of being the champion to sink in. But, now that we’re here, I know that this isn’t something I want to give up.”

“There haven’t been a whole lot of nights where we haven’t been in the shop working,” continues the multi-time feature winner. “ These guys on our team are working even harder than last season – We’re going to be out there better than we’ve ever been before.”

Everingham emerged as an unlikely championship contender in 2018, amassing a number of feature victories en route to carving out a reputation for himself as a driver that had graduated from a prospect to contender.

“I feel like we paid our dues in this division,” Stats Everingham. “The rest of these guys might not have seen us coming – but they definitely know we’re here now. We aren’t flukes. I’ve been telling myself that we’re one of the best team in the division for a long time, and now that I have the jacket to prove it.

Everingham and his family-owned team will once again campaign the same single-car program – with a volunteer crew comprised entirely of family and friends – throughout the entirety of the 2019 Sunset Speedway season.

“The car stripped down entirely now and we’re already in the midst of putting together some chassis upgrades,” notes the reigning champion. “We’re going to come out swinging in May. The rest of these teams are going to have a target on my back – but I’m going to show everyone that us winning the championship wasn’t an accident.”