Coltin Everingham Announces Bid for 2020 Peterborough Speedway Super Stock Championship

Coltin Everingham

ALCONA BEACH, ON – Former Sunset Speedway Super Stock champion Coltin Everingham made a surprise announcement this week that his family-owned operation would be racing fulltime at Peterborough Speedway for the 2020 season.

The move will mark Everingham‘s first full season spent away from Sunset since the third-generation racer made his debut 7 years ago.

“This is a decision that our team has been considering for a couple months,” admits Everingham. “I think it’s time for a new chapter. They have a ton of good cars and teams right now and it feels like their weekly division is getting better by the year.”

“Sunset is all our team has ever known as far as racing for a championship,” adds the multi-time feature winner. “So, it’s not really a decision that we’ve taken lightly. But, after sitting down with our sponsors and our team, we all agree that this is the right move to make.”

Indeed, Everingham’s Sunset tenure has been successful, with a 2018 track championship and multiple feature wins serving to establish the Alcona Beach, ON racer as one of the division’s top team’s.

However, with Peterborough’s rapidly deepening roster garnering attention from all corners of the province, Everingham has decided to test himself against a new crop of talent.

“It feels like our team is in its prime right now and we don’t want to waste any of those prime years,” notes Everingham. “We want to spend these years, where we have the best crew and the best sponsors and the best equipment, racing against top-tier teams. No matter what speedway they’re at. We want to beat elite competition and, right now, that competition is at Peterborough.”

Everingham has competed fulltime in the Super Stock division long enough to grasp the fact that transitioning to a new speedway is a challenging endeavor. However, his previous success in weekly events Sunset, as well as various invitationals across Ontario, has him bubbling with anticipation for what can be accomplished at Peterborough.

“We truly believe that we’ve built a team that can win anywhere against anyone on any given night,” insists Everingham. “We wouldn’t be making this move if we didn’t think that we didn’t have the crew help and the equipment needed to win.”

“I’m not sure Peterborough gets enough credit for how tough it is to win there. The track itself might be the most challenging in the whole province, and the roster they have now is no joke whatsoever. We’re looking forward to the challenge – but we know that we have to be on our game if we want to make an impact there.”