Chris Howse Set for Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model Rookie Bid

Chris Howse

HILLSBURGH, ON – After more than a decade spent behind the wheel of a Super Stock, Flamboro Speedway mainstay Chris Howse has confirmed he will make the jump to the wildly competitive Pro Late Model division for 2018.

“I had never thought an opportunity would ever come my way to jump in a Late Model – so I’m living the dream these days,” says the soft-spoken racer.

“I’ve been around this place (Flamboro Speedway) for just about my entire adult life, and all I’ve ever wanted to do was get in one of these cars,” continues Howse. “This is the chance that I never thought I would have. I’m counting the minutes until opening day.”

As Flamboro’s headline division prepares for what could be its most impressive season in over a decade, Howse knows that his new roster spot will most certainly not come without a brand new set of challenges.

“I’m not sure that any rookie can start out in this division without feeling like they’re about to jump onto a moving train,” admits the multi-time Super Stock feature winner.

“This competition is no joke, man,” adds Howse. “Our team completely understands what we’re in for. It’s going to be an uphill battle, all year long, but it doesn’t bother us at all. We’re not the guys that have ever been afraid of a little hard work.”

The Hillsburgh, ON racer will look to take things on step at a time as he becomes comfortable with his new ride, beginning with Flamboro’s Pro Late Model opener on April 28th.

“I’m not putting any effort into thinking about how I want the results sheet to look every night,” insists Howse. “That’s not what this season is about.”

“Right now, I care about figuring this car out and having more notes at the end of the night than I had at the beginning. If I can accomplish that, we’ll be in good shape.”