Chris Allard Unintimidated By Super Stock Landscape

Chris Allard Sunset Speedway Super Stock 2017
INNISFIL, ON – Fresh off of back-to-back successful Mini Stock campaigns, Sunset Speedway fan favourite Chris Allard will take on the talent-laden Super Stock division in 2017.

When asked his thoughts on the task of going toe-to-toe with some of the top short track competitors in the province, the Innisfil, ON native insists the test is no different than any other.

“Taking this on is a challenge just like anything else in life,” says Allard. “The Super Stock division is a tough deal but we can figure it out. It’s going to take time but we can figure it out”

“We just can’t back down from any of these guys. We’re going to keep after it until we see an improvement in ourselves”

However, despite his confidence, Allard carries a deep respect for those he’s tasked with competing with each Saturday.

“Man, all you need to do is read the names on this roster and what they’ve accomplished to understand what we’re up against,” says ‘Flight Time’. “This is one of the strongest divisions anywhere”

“We never thought we’d come in here and starting moving mountains in a day. That’s ridiculous. But, every time we throw the belts on, we’re getting faster and that’s a big accomplishment”

On the topic of goals set for Allard’s family-run operation, the rising star has made sure to set attainable limits for his No. 76.

“If we can fight our way to some top-5s by mid-season then I’ll be outta my mind happy,” admits the second-generation racer. “We’re just moving forward one step at a time. The key to our success right now is just not taking a step backwards”

Now, entering Saturday’s return to NASCAR Whelen All-American Series competition, Allard and team remain set on establishing their own setup combination that will help propel them into top-5 contention on a weekly basis.

“My dad gave us a ton of notes to try and find our bearings with this season, but we’re still working to develop a setup that works all on our own,” explains Allard. “I want to find something I’m comfortable with”

“We’re still rolling a bunch of ideas around to find the right combination – but when we do it’s going to mean the world knowing that we figured it out on our own.”