Chris Allard Set for Great Lakes Concrete Mini Stock Series Pursuit

Chris Allard
ALLISTON, ON – 2017 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Rookie of the Year Chris Allard will return to the Mini Stock division in 2018 – as he plans to chase a championship with the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Mini Stock Series.

The six-race mini-series will feature three races at Allard’s Sunset Speedway homebase and an additional three at Sauble Speedway and is already expected to draw some of the top talent from across Ontario.

“We knew that there was a chance we’d come back to the Mini Stock eventually,” explains Allard. “And the Great Lakes [Concrete] Series was the perfect thing to get us excited about the division again. Six races doesn’t leave a lot of room for mistakes – so we know that we need to get back on our game right away.”

Allard is a multi-time Sunset Speedway Mini Stock feature winner and is likely to be considered one of the early favourites for the mini-series championship.

“I think we’re absolutely good enough to win a few races on this tour,” smiles ‘Flight Time’. “I mean – of course there are going to be a lot of fast guys at these events – but we’ve been racing against top-level teams for three years. It’s nothing new. We know we’re good enough to beat them.”

And, while Allard has all but confirmed he will not return to the Super Stock operation that was fielded by his father Paul in 2017, the popular up-and-comer is still hoping to secure an opportunity in the wildly talented division to coincide with his Mini Stock aspirations.

“We’ve got a few irons in the fire when it comes to the Super Stock deal,” explains Allard. “We haven’t put anything together yet – but we’re close on a few things. I’m hoping we can announce something real soon.”

“I’m not done in the [Super Stock] division by a long shot,” continues the Alliston, ON racer. “We’ve got a lot to prove still. So, we’ll definitely be back.”