Charlie Sandercock Aiming for 6th Career Brighton Speedway Crate Late Model Title

Charlie Sandercock

TRENTON, ON – From the moment he debuted in Brighton Speedway’s entry-level Comp-4 division in 2002, Charlie Sandercock has done his best to shun complacency.

The second-generation racer established a reputation as a weekly threat to win in Brighton’s Comp-4 and Canadian Modified divisions before eventually transitioning to Crate Late Model competition in 2010.

Since then, his statistics have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Sandercock has amassed 104 Crate Late Model wins at speedways across Canada and the United States, with an incredible 5 championships at his home track of Brighton.

“I’d be lying if I said that we set out (in 2002) thinking we’d accomplish all that we have already,” admits Sandercock with a smile. “I really try not to think about it too much, to be honest. We just stay focused on whatever’s coming next. We always want to be ready for the next race or the next points season. We don’t spend a ton of time dwelling on the past.”

Sandercock credits a team driven by a tireless work ethic and indefatigable will to win for his laundry-list of accomplishments. Noting that the squad has long dodged the crutch of evaluating their program as “good enough”.

“The fact that we started out as a bunch of kids in a bar welding steel together and now we’re looked at as one of the best teams in the province absolutely blows me away,” explains the Trenton, ON native. “We’ve just never settled for anything less than our best. That’s what’s kept us going all these years. It’s what keeps us motivated.”

“As much as we love winning, we love just being at the speedway and having a good time even more,” adds Sandercock with a laugh. “This division is so tight these days that if you don’t keep evolving and advancing you’re at risk of becoming an afterthought pretty quickly. Everyone you’re racing with is on their game any time they pull into the pits.”

On the topic of pursuing his sixth career Brighton Speedway Crate Late Model championship, Sandercock says that one of the most important keys to victory is remaining humble.

“As honoured as I am to be a multi-time champion – it helps to push all of that out of my mind on race day,” says the personable standout. “It doesn’t matter how much you’ve won or how many championships you have, if you unload with a car that’s only half-ready or you go out there not at your best to make the right decisions, you don’t have a chance of getting near the front.”

“No one is going to be pulling over for us just because we’ve won in the past – and we know that,” continues Sandercock. “Brighton has one of the toughest weekly (Crate Late Model) divisions out there because of how much these other teams have learned and how much speed they’ve picked up. They’re going to make it hard on us every single weekend.”

“Our team has been in the shop all Winter making sure that our equipment is top-notch and that our program is as good as its ever been. We’re excited to chase another championship at Brighton. I’ll be ready to perform at my best, because I know that every other racer on that roster is set to do the same thing.”