Chad Corcoran Planning Fulltime APC Series Effort for 2018

Chad Corcoran

STAYNER, ON – Popular Pro Late Model up-and-comer Chad Corcoran has announced his intentions to contend for the APC United Late Model Series ‘Rookie of the Year’ title in 2018.

Corcoran, the son of longtime Ontario racer Brad Corcoran, has worked tirelessly throughout the last two seasons to transition from a multi-time Mini Stock division winner to one of the Pro Late Model division’s brightest prospects.Coming off a 2017 season which saw Chad, Shine on the big stage, Picking up A huge Win on Flamboro’s Memorial night and 3 soild finishes at Frostoberfest, Grisdale Triple Crown.

“This is a huge step for us,” admits Corcoran. “The APC [Series] roster is the best in the province right now. We’re up against some monsters – but that kind of challenge is the only way we’re ever going to grow as a team. We’re excited for it. It’s going to be a big year for our program.”

“I’m excited just to step away from home a little bit,” adds the former Mini Stock standout. “When you’re running the same track week-in and week-out you get a little bit comfortable and complacent.”

“Next year – putting together this big touring schedule – it’s going to be a completely different approach for us. It’s going to take some adjusting on our part – but I’m real confident in what we can do as a team”

The well-spoken Milton, ON racer credits the depth of weekly talent at Flamboro Speedway for preparing his small family-run operation for APC Series competition, as they ready themselves for what is likely to be the most substantial challenge of their young career.

“There aren’t any easy nights at Flamboro,” says the second-generation star. ‘’The Pro Late [Model] guys that run there every Saturday are as good as any weekly division in Ontario.”

“You learn so much just competing against drivers at that level. We really have an appreciation for preparation and showing up ready to work on raceday – and that’s all come from running at Flamboro fulltime.”

“I have no doubt that the teams on tour are going to push us and challenge us in an entirely different way,” continues Corcoran. “But, the Flamboro teams have given us an awesome base to work from. Racing there has been like going to college. I wouldn’t be half the driver I am now if I hadn’t put in those two years at Flamboro.”

When asked his aspirations for the 2018 campaign, Corcoran admits his team’s goals are both humble and conservative – with a focus being placed on advancement, education and equipment preservation ahead of his first attempt at a cross-province tour.

‘’We’re just going into this deal with our eyes wide open,’’ shrugs Corcoran. “I mean, this is the absolute deep end of the pool that we’re preparing for. I’d love, more than anything, to win the rookie points next year. But, I’d love even more just to finish every race and not be rebuilding our entire car between shows.”

“I’m grateful to have the help that I do at the shop and at the track to make all this happen. We don’t have a big team by any stretch of the imagination, but the guys that I have with me are just as committed to this as I am – and that means a lot. We’re ready for this. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re all really looking forward to testing ourselves against the best teams around.”