Chad Corcoran Hungry for Frostoberfest, Grisdale Triple Crown Main Event This Sunday

Chad Corcoran

MILTON, ON – Although he competed only sporadically throughout the 2019 season, home track favourite Chad Corcoran will be ready to contend as the elite of the Pro Late Model division descend upon Flamboro Speedway for the final round of the Grisdale Triple Crown.

The race will headline the second night of Flamboro’s annual Frostoberfest weekend and is anticipated to draw a full field of top-tier talent from every corner of Ontario.

“Our entire program is built for races like this one,” explains Corcoran. “I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I don’t have anywhere near the same manpower or financial backing that just about any other team in this division has. Because of that, I really can’t manage racing every single week and trying to chase a championship.”

“So, if I can’t be out here every weekend, I want to focus on quality over quantity,” adds the Milton, ON racer. “The field on Sunday is going to be the guys that are the absolute tip of the spear. They’re teams that have won championships and Crown Jewel events all over the province. I’m fired up to test myself against them.”

When asked how his modestly-funded team plans to contend with some of the province’s proverbial juggernauts, Corcoran insists that the path to a strong performance on Sunday will be built upon making the right moves at the right time.

“Any time you’re out there with the best-of-the-best there’s no question that the only way to be successful is to take advantage of opportunities,” offers Corcoran.

“That’ll be the difference between a win and a top-10. We all have good equipment and we all want to run up front – but making a snap decision at the right moment is the game changer. If we see an opening we have to jump on it quicker than the next guy. That’s our chance to outrun these other teams.”

It’s clear that, for an underdog outfit like Corcoran’s, having the chance to stand toe-to-toe with some of the most recognizable racers and teams in Ontario is a moment he’s not going to take for granted.

“A win on Sunday would be the biggest moment of my career without question,” says Corcoran. “It’s a big event that’s going to have a stacked field of cars. When you win something like that, it’s something you won’t ever forget.”

“Our team is coming into this weekend with absolutely everything that we have. I try to enjoy every lap of every race because of how much work it takes to get to the track, but that’s going to be especially true this weekend. I never know when I’ll have the chance to run another big event like this, so I’m trying to make the most of it.”