Carson Nagy Sees Chance to Make a Big Impression in Flamboro Opener

Carson Nagy

MOUNT HOPE, ON – After having sharpened his skill set in Flamboro Speedway’s critically underrated Super Stock division throughout the last two seasons, fourth-generation racer Carson Nagy is set to compete fulltime in the speedway’s burgeoning Pro Late Model division in 2019.

After debuting in a Pro Late Model at Flamboro’s Frostoberfest event last October, Nagy will make his first start as a full-fledged member of the roster this Saturday as part of the Hamilton, ON facility’s season opener.

“Even now that we’re going through our final nut and bolt check to make sure everything is right for Saturday – it still doesn’t feel real,” admits Nagy with a grin. “To have this car with my name over the driver’s door and to know that I’ll be racing fulltime with it is a dream come true.”

“We’ve dedicated our entire off-season to making sure our stuff is ready for a fulltime run,” continues the multi-time Super Stock division winner. “My family and my team have put so much into making this season happen, I just want to be sure that I make them proud.”

Three years ago Nagy displayed an uncanny ability to adapt to his surroundings when he jumped from the entry-level Mini Stock class to the Super Stock division without missing a beat.

And, while his team hopes that he can recreate that feat this season, the personable teenager understands how big of an undertaking his freshman Pro Late Model effort is likely to be.

“I know that Late Model racing is going to come with a learning curve that won’t be like anything else I’ve ever experienced,” says Nagy. “I’m fortunate to have my brother (Hudson) to lean on because he’s been racing these cars for a long time. I just have to do everything I can to pick up the experience and the knowledge every time I hit the track.”

“It’s going to be a game of inches. If this program can be just a tiny bit better when we’re loading up at the end of the night – then that will be a giant success for us. We have to crawl before we walk. I need to remember that.”

The Mount Hope, ON product will have plenty of opportunities to learn from Flamboro’s roster – with the speedway boasting an eclectic mix of established veterans and rising stars in 2019.

“I’m not fully sure of what to expect this season but I know I’m looking forward to it,” smiles Nagy. “There are a lot of real qualified teams here. I hope this season is the start of something special for us. We just want to keep one foot in front of the other and stay learning every single week. The rest will take care of itself.”