Bryan Batty Aiming to Expand Racing Program in 2019

Bryan Batty

SARNIA, ON – Following a successful tenure behind the wheel of a Legends Car at speedways across Ontario, rising star Bryan Batty is examining his options ahead of the 2019 season.

“I’ve had the time of my life racing Legends Cars but I’m excited at the thought of what else our team can take a swing at next season,” says Batty.

“We’re still looking at a few different divisions and tours – but I think there’s a real good chance you’ll see us with something a little heavier and a little faster than what we’ve been racing these last few seasons.”

Batty’s no frills outfit has quietly carved out a reputation for themselves following the Eastern Ontario Legends Series, taking care of all repairs and adjustments in-house and outrunning teams with far larger budgets.

“When our family first got this team off the ground we knew that we didn’t stand much of a chance when it came to outspending the competition,” explains the Sarnia, ON native.

“If we wanted to stand apart from the rest of these guys, the only way we were going to do it was by outworking them. I’m proud of how well we’ve performed on tour with the (Eastern Ontario Legends Series) and I feel like we can take that work ethic with us and graduate to something new.”

And, while the blue-chip prospect is more than ready to spread his wings in 2019, he insists his team is not quite ready to pack away their Legends Car equipment just yet.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to walk away from running these cars completely,” smiles Batty. “We won’t be running for (Eastern Ontario Legends Series) points next year, but we’ll still pop up at events now and then to chase trophies. We have a car that’s way too fast not to race – it would be a waste to leave it at home.”

Bryan Batty and team hope to announce their 2019 plans shortly, as they prepare for their busiest season to date.