Brandon Passer Ready for Follow-Up after Breakthrough 2017 Season

Brandon Passer

LEFROY, ON – Rising star Brandon Passer closed out the 2017 Sunset Speedway Super Stock season with a bevy of top-5 finishes to his name in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series competition at his home track, an 8th place finish in the division’s championship points standings and an invitational triumph at Sauble Speedway in August.

Now, with his most successful summer to date still fresh in his memory, Passer is already crafting what he hopes will be an equally impressive follow-up.

“I’m not sure any of us saw the season working out as well as it did,” says the personable sophomore with a smile. “We just came into the year ready to work hard and learn”

“We were ready to do whatever we needed to make something of this team. At first it was absolutely a surprise for us, but we couldn’t be more proud. It was a team effort from start to finish”

Passer credits the wildly talented roster for aiding in his development as one of Sunset’s ‘can’t miss’ prospects and admits his readiness to resume his climb to the top of the division in 2018.

“I couldn’t ask for a tougher division to race with every single week,” offers the third-generation racer. “The guys on this roster – they don’t give you anything. You need to work for every single inch out there because no one is looking to make it easy for you”

“It’s made me a better racer for sure,” continues Passer. “It’s sink or swim in a Super Stock at Sunset. Either you can handle it or you can’t – and I’m proud to say that we can. I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next season”

And now that his breakthrough campaign has caught the attention of Sunset’s fans and his fellow competitors, Passer is well aware of the importance of a strong sequel next year.

“Next year is going to be huge for us but I really don’t see it as something to feel pressure towards,” explains the Lefroy, ON native. “I’m excited about it. Our whole team is. We’re just having fun, man”

“We’ve already got some plans rolling around as to how we want to move forward with our third season in the division,” adds Passer. “It’s all positive stuff. I think we’ve just started to show people what our potential is. Next season we’ll be ready with something that can really help us keep climbing the ladder.”

Passer’s 2017 Breakout season couldn’t have happen with all the help and support from, His Dad, Crew, Friends , Family, Jenco Equipment, CRP and JR Hanley.