Brandon Passer Looking Forward To “SLM” Seat Time in 2019

Brandon Passer

ALCONA, ON – Super Stock standout Brandon Passer is readying himself for what could very well be the busiest of his young career.

The third-generation drivet has confirmed that he will be competing fulltime in Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock division with additional Super Stock Invitationals and Crown Jewel events dotting his 2019 schedule.

In addition to his Super Stock commitments, Passer will also have the enviable opportunity of attacking half of the Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model Series season alongside his uncle Roy Passer.

“When everything came together for me to jump in the Super [Late Model] for a few races this year, I didn’t really know what to say,” admits Passer. “That’s a dream come true in so many ways. Our family has raced these cars my entire life. Knowing that I get to be a legitimate part of Roy’s program this year is a huge deal.”

Brandon and Roy are still working to iron out on the logistics of which driver will enter which races on the Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model Series, but the plan is for the pair to split the schedule evenly with Brandon racing any events that coincide with ‘off nights’ for Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock division.

“We’re still hammering all that out,” notes Brandon when asked which speedways he is likely to compete at in the team’s Super Late Model. “The way I’m feeling right now, I’d race that car anywhere possible. I’m not worried about where we take it or who we’re racing against – I’m just excited to get some seat time under my belt.”

“My number-one goal this year is to contend for a Sunset (Speedway Super Stock) championship,” adds the Alcona, ON product. “But I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to competing for a top-5 or two in the Super Late Model. That would make for a pretty unbelievable season.”

And, although Passer has less experience than virtually the entire Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model Series roster, he’s not letting it affect his confidence one bit.

“We’re all the same size when we’re out there,” smirks Passer. “It is what it is, man. The only way I’m going to get more experience is by making laps. There’s only so much you can pick up when you’re at the speedway by yourself running practice laps.”

“The process isn’t going to be much more different from when I was figuring out how to race the Super Stock,” continues the fan favourite. “I have to be ready to listen to guys that know a lot more about these cars than I do – and I have to not be afraid to make mistakes. If I can remember those two things, then I think I have a pretty good chance at learning how to get up to speed in this car.”