Brandon Passer left with tuff decisions heading into 2018 season

Brandon Passer
ALCONA , ON – Almost three months removed from a mid-race incident at October’s Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway that virtually destroyed his team’s lone chassis, Brandon Passer remains at a standstill

“We’re just looking over where we’re at right now and what the best option is for us for next season,” says Passer. “Our team is looking into having a new car built but we haven’t made a decision on what chassis manufacturer we want to go with. There are a lot of guys putting out good equipment right now. So, we want to make sure we make the right call.”

The third-generation racer tallied an invitational victory at Sauble Speedway in August and drew critical acclaim for a number of podium finishes at Sunset Speedway throughout the 2017 campaign. When asked his thoughts regarding 2018, Passer makes it clear his number one concern is to fashion a proper follow-up to his breakout sophomore season.

“We only had a year of experience going into 2017 and I don’t think anyone gave us much of a chance to run up front,” offers the Lefroy, ON driver. “To be able to do it as many times as we did – that was an amazing feeling.”

“I want to show everyone that it wasn’t an accident,” continues Passer. “If we can unload on opening night and pick right up where we left off it’ll say a lot about our team.”

“I’ve had guys blowing my phone up offering advice since October. Telling me I should buy this car or have this chassis-guy build me something new. Everyone has an opinion. I’m just making sure I don’t rush into anything.”

Passer intends to have something firmed up by February, and notes that his current predicament is complicated by the obvious financial restrictions that come with being one of the smaller-budgeted outfits in the division.

“When you don’t have a seven-figure salary behind you and a tone of sponsors, it’s not as simple as picking up the phone and calling my car owner for a new ride” laughs Passer. “We absolutely want to have the best car built for us – but at the end of the day the price has to be right.”

“I want to win races more than anything in the world – but I don’t want to live beyond my means to do it,” continues the former Mini Stock regular. “That’s why we’re looking for the right deal at the right price for 2018. It’s out there. We’re going to make it happen.”