Blair Wickett Hopes to Write Cinderella Story when APC Series Touches Down at Flamboro this Saturday 

Blair Wickett

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Flamboro Speedway mainstay Blair Wickett has confirmed his family-owned team’s plans to enter Round 5 of the APC United Late Model Series tour at Flamboro on Saturday.
And, while many would peg Wickett and his low-budget family-operated team as considerable dark-horses compared to many of the APC Series powerhouses, it doesn’t seem to bother the Cambridge, ON native one bit.
“Coming in as the underdog really couldn’t work out any better for us – because there’s no pressure on us at all,” explains Wickett with a smile. “We don’t have the hype around us that some of the other guys on that roster do. We get to just roll in on Saturday afternoon, unload the car and do our thing. I’m not mad at that at all.”
Although Wickett is far from an after-thought in Flamboro’s weekly Pro Late Model division, he’s well aware of what a strong performance during Saturday’s 100-lap contest could do for his name value.
“I’m not sure anyone could even pretend that the [APC United Late Model Series] tour isn’t the best thing going in Ontario right now,” quips the Cambridge, ON racer.
“It has everyone’s attention. It feels like every fan, every racer and every sponsor follows these races and knows exactly who’s running well and who’s not. So, if we can come out this weekend and put together a good run, it could do a whole lot for our program and our profile in this division.”
Finally, on the topic of how he sees Saturday’a race playing out, Wickett showcases poise and maturity well beyond his years in detailing just how quickly a plan can go awry during extended-distance racing at a track as demanding as Flamboro.
“I always laugh a little bit when guys talk about having a strategy for Flamboro,” says Wickett, “because it might be the hardest place in the province to try and plan for.”
“There’s a lot that can throw your night sideways (at Flamboro),” continues the approachable sophomore. “You’re really at the mercy of the track and the guys that are racing around you.”
“We don’t really have a game plan – other than just accepting what’s tossed our way and being ready to adjust as the night goes on. That’s going to be the difference maker for whoever wins this deal on Saturday.”