Blair Wickett Forging His Own Path on APC United Late Model Series Tour

Blair Wickett

CAMBRIDGE, ON – The first season on tour with the APC United Late Model Series was an eye-opening experience for Blair Wickett.

The racer cut his teeth in the Pro Late Model division racing weekly at Flamboro Speedway and departed for a full season of touring in 2019 with the hopes of continuing his recent development and establishing his name as a prospect worth keeping an eye on.

“The APC Series is the biggest tour in the province right now,” says Wickett. “Being able to go out on the road with them has been in the works for us for a couple seasons now. We knew that just being out there with that level of competition night after night, week in and week out was going to make us better no matter what.”

“We signed in at every event ready to put in work and do whatever we could to improve,” continues the Cambridge, ON native. “When you’re out there against the top guys in the province it can grind you down when you aren’t getting the results that you want. But, we could feel our program getting better every week and that makes the work all feel worth it.”

Although Wickett has posted numerous feature victories in shorter weekly races at Flamboro, a regular schedule of extended-distance events at speedways across Ontario was an entirely new proposition.

“When you’re at one spot every Saturday you develop a familiarity to how your car reacts to almost every situation,” explains Wickett. “But when you’re on a tour – especially with these longer races – its a whole different ballgame.”

“These cars can be so temperamental so you really get an appreciation for how every small improvement can end up making a huge difference. You make a small change here and a small change there and, in the end, it all adds up to a lot.”

“I’m proud of how far we’ve come with learning how to find these little things and make the adjustments that end up paying off,” adds Wickett. “I’m getting more comfortable with this car and I’ve picked up a lot just by watching the guys that are winning on the tour. Seeing how they approach the different tracks has helped more than I could probably explain.”

With a freshman season full of ups and downs in his rear view mirror, Wickett has already started the work needed to prepare for a sophomore effort on the tour with the APC United Late Model Series.

“We’re doing all that we can to put together the marketing support necessary to get back on tour for a second season,” explains Wickett. “We want to keep building on our touring program because I really believe that we made some huge gains this season.”

“My Dad and I built this team from the ground up and it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come. I have so much respect for the guys that we race with on this tour. I’ve watched a lot of them for as long as I’ve been coming around the speedway. So, being in track with them is surreal.”

“Seeing how much these other teams invest in their programs just pushes you to work harder all the time,” adds Wickett. “None of them have been successful by accident. And, if you want to outrun them, you have to put everything into your stuff. That’s what we’re ready to do for 2020, we are extremely excited to have a new car being built by Shaw Motorsports.”