Blair Wickett Focused on Marquee Events in 2018

Blair Wickett
CAMBRIDGE, ON – Pro Late Model sophomore Blair Wickett is ready to tackle an aggressive 2018 schedule. The Mini Stock graduate plans to split his time between Flamboro Speedway’s weekly division, select APC United Late Model Series appearances and Crown Jewel events that include the Gold Rush 100 and Frostoberfest.

“We’re planning on doing a little bit of everything next season,” explains Wickett. “It’s exciting. Between the APC Series, the Flamboro weekly deal and the [Crown Jewel] events we should be real busy all season. It’s going to be my biggest year yet.”

Wickett turned heads during an impressive rookie campaign in 2017, storming to victory lane in weekly competition at Flamboro and quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting prospects in a talent-laden Pro Late Model division.

“I’m not sure we expected to hit the ground running the way we did,” admits the affable youngster. “Everything just sort’ve clicked for us in the best possible way. Every time we had the car out on the track it was getting better and I was getting more comfortable.”

“We just didn’t take any step backwards,” continues Wickett. “That’s the main thing I want to keep doing [in 2018]. I think we had someone tell us how good we looked every single week last year. That’s a huge confidence boost. I want to hang on to that and keep that rolling as long as I can.”

And though Wickett is unquestionably excited for the entirety of his 2018 campaign, it’s clear that certain events have more than just piqued his interest.

“I’d love to come out and make a name for myself in some of these bigger shows,” details the first-generation racer. “Something like the Gold Rush or Frostoberfest where you know the entire province is watching. Those are big races. They’re big events that people remember who the winner was.”

“I have all the confidence in the world when it comes to the team my Dad and I have put together,” adds Wickett. “We just need an opportunity to keep showing people how good we can be. That’s the goal, overall, for this season.”