Blair Wickett Chasing Prestige in Jukasa Debut

Blair Wickett

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Former Flamboro Speedway regular Blair Wickett will step into the unknown this Saturday, as his family-run team sets out for their first ever Jukasa Motor Speedway appearance in Round 3 of the APC United Late Model Series.

“Our team’s not completely sure of how our car is going to behave (at Jukasa) in race trim but we’re real excited to find out,” notes Wickett. “I’ve talked to a few other teams that have already raced there and they all pretty much tell me the same thing – you’re sort’ve in the dark as to how your car is going to respond there until you run your first event.”

“I’ve run a lot of laps there in my head,” continues Wickett. “I’ve brainstormed for weeks about the adjustments that can be made or what tweaks we’ll need throughout the day. I’m not at all embarrassed to admit I’ve spent hours thinking about all this. I’ve never felt so prepared ahead of a race at a new speedway.”

With attention from across Ontario – in addition to a provisional start for September’s Canadian Short Track Nationals – at stake, Wickett sees Saturday’s event as the ideal moment to establish himself as one of the rising stars on the APC Series roster.

“Our team wants to contend for the win every single time we load up and leave the shop,” says Wickett. “But, this event has a completely different atmosphere surrounding it. This is a huge chance for us to put some eyeballs on our program that may have otherwise overlooked us.”

“There’s no margin for error in a race like this. Not only do we only have this one chance to earn a provisional for the Nationals, but there’s also that guarantee that if we lose focus and make a mistake we’ll be bringing our car home in a basket.”

For a student of the game like Wickett, a victory at Jukasa represents something special that’s not easily replicated by success at any other facility.

“I know what Jukasa means to people in this province and I’m excited to make my own memories there,” says the well-spoken Cambridge, ON native. “Any time you walk in there to watch a race it’s easy just to be in awe. I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like to race there this Saturday.”

“I cut my teeth on bullrings so I’m anticipating a completely different experience once we get to Jukasa. I believe in our program and our chance to run competitively. If we can bring back a strong finish it’ll be a story that we can tell forever.”