Blair Wickett Bringing Conservative Approach to Flamboro Speedway Opener

Blair Wickett
CAMBRIDGE, ON – Pro Late Model sophomore Blair Wickett has been counting the hours until Flamboro Speedway’s 2018 opener.This Saturday, he’ll finally have his chance at making the impactful debut he’s been planning for.

“It’d be easy to say that we’re looking to come into Opening Night and sweep both features – but we’re a little more realistic than that,” Stats Wickett. “I mean – we’ve built a real good program over the off-season – and Night 1 is going to be all about making sure that all components work the way that we need them to.”

“We have three weekends in a row to start the year – back to back to back – so I can’t come out on opening night and knock off a corner of our car,” The plan is to stay in control, adapt when we need to and take what comes our way.”

While Wickett knows that his family-owned operation does not run on the same budget as many of his compatriots, the well-liked Mini Stock division graduate insists that fact does little to dampen his team’s spirits.

“It’s never going to be news to us that we’re the underdogs,” Says the Cambridge, ON native. “Trust me – we know. But, it doesn’t scare us. Not even a little. It’s been this way right from the first moment we started racing the Mini Stock.”

“We know how to do a lot with a little,” continues Wickett. “The fact is, we have to come out here and get the absolute most out of what we have, because it’s not as easy as waking up on Monday morning and writing a cheque to someone to make sure we have something better next Saturday.”

And, if there are any nerves churning beneath the surface prior to Opening Night, Wickett does an admirable job of disguising them as he readies himself for April 28th.

“It’s my job to go out there and drive the car to the best of my ability no matter what night it is,” says Wickett matter-of-factly. “I’m sure I’ll be a little nervous when I’m headed full steam into Turn One for the first time and I’m hoping I didn’t miss a bolt check – but that’s all part of the experience.”

“We’ll be going over this car with an eagle-eye this week to make sure everything is exactly the way we need it,” continues the former feature winner. “When that car heads to the lineup on Saturday – it’ll be ready to do business.”