Billy Zardo Intent on Return this Saturday

Billy Zardo at Sunset Speedway 2017
BRAMPTON, ON – Less than three weeks after suffering what was though to be a season-ending accident, Ltd. Late Model mainstay Billy Zardo has announced his family-run team is working to make their return to competition this Saturday, July 29th at Sunset Speedway.

The Brampton, ON product has been forced to work through a disastrous 2017 campaign that has, thus far, been defined by mechanical issues and on-track disasters. Still, despite his recent run of bad luck, Zardo insists his ‘never say die’ attitude remains unbroken.

‘’I’ve been around racing since before I learned how to walk and it’s always been a sport of highs and lows,” offers Zardo. “My Grandpa taught me a long time ago that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down as long as you pick yourself back up. And that’s exactly what we’re doing”.

“We’re not going to let the last couple years keep us from wanting to race. It’s been a rough time for our team – but we’re coming back and we’re going to be better than we were before”.

And although Zardo would have preferred to have made his return to action two weeks ago, he explains that the repair process has been a slow one given the extensive damages done and the modest manpower contained within the team’s Brampton, ON race shop.

‘’I’m not sure what kind of team people think we have – but it’s a pretty no frills operation,” laughs ‘Z3’. “There aren’t any full-time employees over here. There aren’t any helmet-toters in our family. If I tear it up – it’s on me to put it back together again”.

“I’ve spent every second of my free time inside the shop for the last two weeks just fixing this car from nose to tail,” adds Zardo with pride. “I’ve lost count of the hours at this point, but if we can make it back out for Saturday it’ll all have been worth it”.

When asked his goals for July 29th’s contest, Zardo notes his team is making sure to keep their ambitions within reason.

‘’I can’t tell you what we’re expecting heading into Saturday,” says Zardo with a shrug. “If we can make it there in time to get some practice laps we’ll be in a much better position – because we need to make sure this thing is going to stay together”.

“My goal for the night is just to finish both features,” admits the third-generation racer. “That’s all. I need to put this car in the box at the end of the night still in one piece. That’s our number one goal for the night”.