Billy Zardo Hopes to Write New Chapter This Saturday at Sunset

Billy Zardo

BRAMPTON, ON – Over three years removed from his most recent Sunset Speedway feature victory, soft-spoken fan favourite Billy Zardo still refuses to waver in his belief that his famed Zardo Racing team can once again become a weekly threat in the perennially crowded Ltd. Late Model division.

“It would be silly to try and pretend that the last three years haven’t been hard on us but our team has never stopped believing that we’re good enough to be contenders,” says Zardo. “We took a step back this past Winter and really evaluated our program to try and get a feel for what’s working and what’s not.”

“We’ve made a ton of changes and I absolutely believe that we can hit the ground running this Saturday and break out of this slump we’ve been in. All you can do is work your way back to the front. That’s what my Grandfather taught me when I first started racing and that’s what’s motivating us this season.”

With a 2019 campaign that has thus far been beset with rainy weather, Zardo’s appearance this Saturday will be just his second race of the season.

“The amount of bad weather we’ve had so far this year has been unreal but it’s also helped us to double and triple check our stuff,” explains the Brampton, ON native.

“I want to be out racing just as badly as anybody else on this roster, but the more time I spend in the shop, the more chances I have to put in even more time and effort to get this car as strong as it could possibly be for this season.”

“We want to be able to succeed against the top teams in this division and the only way we’re going to do that is by making sure our program is as close to perfect as possible,” continues Zardo. “This team is never going to be satisfied with being an ‘also ran’. Our goal is to be the team that’s a threat to win every time we roll in the gate.”

Saturday’s ‘Fan Appreciation Night’ is expected to draw a healthy count for Sunset’s headline Limited Late Model division and will no doubt provide Zardo with the ideal platform to remind the speedway crowd of just how effective his family-run operation can be.

“We’ve got a fast car and haven’t had the chance to show it this year so I’m absolutely ready to put on a show for the fans,” says Zardo. “Sunset has some of the best fans in the entire province and these ‘Fan Appreciation Nights’ always seem to have a vibe and an atmosphere that’s different than anything we experience all year.”

“This team has stood beside me through a few rough seasons and I’m ready to pay them back this weekend. We’re going to fight and scrap for every position on Saturday because we have so much more to offer than what people have seen in the last little while.”