Billy Zardo Eager to Showcase New Approach in 2018

Billy Zardo

BRAMPTON, ON – After a 2017 season that was equal parts frustration and disaster, Ltd. Late Model staple Billy Zardo hopes to enter the 2018 Sunset Speedway season with a new approach, Fresh focus and return to prominence.

“We’ve stripped this whole program down to the studs and rebuilt over the Winter,” says Zardo. “We changed any aspect of this package that we felt wasn’t working. We’ve been a part of this division for way too long to be spinning our wheels the way we have been recently. This is our year to turn things around.”

When asked of his mindset ahead of the 2018 season opener, ‘Z3’ credits his family-run team for their unwavering support, but still paints the picture of a multi-time feature winner desperate to recapture his former glory.

“The team has backed me every step of the way – and I really can’t thank them enough for standing by me,” explains the Brampton, ON native. “They’ve really done their best to make sure I’m not walking around with any extra pressure on me this season – but I can’t help but feel like my back is against the wall.”

“I need to shake off everything that was holding us back last season,” continues Zardo. “I believe – with everything in me – that the Zardo name and the Zardo team belong in victory lane. These guys all work way too hard for me to not be giving them the results they deserve.”

And despite his familiarly positive outlook on his team’s abilities and his refocused drive and determination, Zardo admits that there still remains considerable anxiety as the Z Team marches towards April 28th’s Sunset Speedway Season Opener.

“There’s no chance I could stand here and try to pretend there aren’t going to be nerves on Opening Night,” insists Zardo. “But the pressure is all part of the game. This sport is unlike anything else on the planet – and that’s why we love it as much as we do.”

“The fact that we’ve changed our approach to just about everything has me nervous for Night 1. I just hope that we can adjust when we need to and come out the other end with a program that’s better than what we had last year.”

“We’ve been practically living in the shop all Winter to make sure we’re doing exactly what we need to get the most out of our equipment all season,” continues the third-generation racer. “We plan on coming out swinging this year.”