Billy Zardo Angling for APC United Late Model Series Debut in 2018

Billy Zardo
BRAMPTON, ON – One of the most tenured drivers on the current Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model roster could very well be heading towards the APC United Late Model Series in the near future.

Multi-time Sunset winner Billy Zardo has recently acquired a Pro Late Model and is in the early stages of planning his first career series appearance.

“I’m not sure anyone can argue that the APC Series is just about the pinnacle of short track racing in Ontario right now,” says Zardo. “It really feels like every team that takes their stuff seriously is either racing there or trying to figure out a way to race there. And we aren’t any different.”

“It’s definitely always been a goal of ours to put together a Pro Late [Model] program and be a part of the series – and it really feels like that goal might be close to becoming a reality real soon.”

Zardo is now in possession of a McColl Racing Enterprises chassis that was campaigned by Treyten Lapcevich in 2017. Right now, the Brampton, ON racer is feverishly working to drum up additional marketing support to finance his foray into the province-wide tour.

“Right now I’m just running around trying to put together some partnerships that might help us make our debut as soon as possible,” explains the third-generation racer. “At the end of the day – the key thing that keeps us racing is money. So, we have to make sure that we have enough in place before we can start making concrete plans on when and where we’ll be racing with the tour.”

“But – when you have a car as good as this one at home – you can’t help but think about how soon you can get it out of the shop and onto the track.”

As Zardo readies to test the waters of Pro Late Model racing, he remains confident that the transition itself will be smooth and that his family-operated Zardo Racing outfit will be able to find their place amongst the tour’s elite.

“I expect this car will drive differently than the Limited Late Models that I’m used to – but I don’t think we’re going to have that big of an adjustment period,” shrugs Zardo. “I think that once we get our legs under us, we’re going to fit right in with these guys.”

“I love the fact that their racers are all long distance,” adds ‘Z3’. “I’m at my best when I can settle into a race and really get a feel for it. That’s tough to do in a 35-lap weekly show. Tour racing will have its own set of challenges, I’m sure. But, it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.”