Battle of the Bay Speedweek on Deck for Charlie Sandercock

Charlie Sandercock

TRENTON, ON – Ontario Crate Late Model star Charlie Sandercock will once again open his season with the four-race Battle of the Bay mini-series.

The RUSH Late Model Series sanctioned microtour will run four consecutive nights, visiting Delaware International Speedway, Georgetown Speedway, Potomac Speedway and Winchester Speedway from April 17th-20th.

“The Battle of the Bay is one of the best ways you could possibly start your season, “We’re ready to get on the road and do all that we can to unload and contend for wins.”

“I don’t think it’s a secret that we’re giving up the edge in experience at these tracks against a lot of the teams we’re racing against,” continues the multi-time Brighton Speedway champion, “but that just means we have to hit on the right combinations and use our track time wisely. If we can keep from digging ourselves a hole early each night, then I think we’ll be just fine.”

For Sandercock, these four events with some of the top Crate Late Model teams throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond is the ideal tuneup for an aggressive 2019 schedule, as he prepares to chase both a weekly championship at Brighton Speedway as well as a second-consecutive Northeast Late Model Alliance touring title.

“The experience that your team can pick up in these four shows is something that can absolutely help your program all year,” explains the well-spoken veteran. “This is a perfect chance to see where our stuff stacks up next to some of the best guys on the East Coast.”

“When we’re loading up on Saturday night I’m confident we’re going to have a way better understanding of what’s working – and why – and what’s not working and how we need to change it.”

While the road trip is without a doubt a test session for Sandercock and his family-run operation, the longtime division frontrunner is quick to note just how imperative it is that the team remember to enjoy themselves over the course of the four day excursion.

“Our goal first and foremost is always to have a good time,” says the Trenton, ON native. “The Battle of the Bay shows have an awesome atmosphere and we love being a part of the series. That being said, o really believe that we’re bringing a package that can contend every night and run up front. We’re going to have a good time no matter what – but we’ll be having a way better time if we’re fighting for wins.”