Battle at the Beach up Next for Johnny Paradzinski

Johnny Paradzinski

ALLISTON, ON – With his first career Sunset Speedway Mini Stock victory still fresh in his memory, rising star Johnny Paradzinski has confirmed his family-owned team have filed their entry for Sunday’s huge Battle at the Beach Invitational at Sauble Speedway.

“I really think that we’re starting to find ourselves as far as this car is concerned,” explains Paradzinski. “We’ve struggled almost all season with this setup package. We couldn’t find the right combination – and when we did it just clicked.”

“That win two weeks ago was one of the biggest feelings of relief I’ve ever had,” adds the first-generation racer with a wide smile. “It was all of our hard work paying off at once.”

Sunday’s event will take Paradzinski away from any sense of familiarity, as he’ll be forced to come up to speed with Sauble’s challenging bullring and the elite-level competition expected to descend upon the speedway’s first large-scale Invitational of the season.

“Sauble is a huge challenge for us,” admits the Alliston, ON native. “The layout is a lot different than what we’re used to. You have to attack it entirely different.”

“We’re going to need to start from scratch in a lot of ways on Sunday morning and just hope that we can hit the setup in the practice sessions that we’re given. It is what it is. I’ve been studying as much onboard footage as I can find – but in the end there’s only so much you can learn about a place from outside of the car.”

And while most teams would be more than happy to bask in the glow of a first career feature victory, Paradzinski insists his Antonini Construction-sponsored team is not ready to sit back and reminisce about past glory.

“Our team is always trying to look for the next challenge,” says Paradzinski. “When we won our MIGHTY [Division] championship, we wanted to move to Mini Stock to see if we could win another one. Now that we’ve won a feature at Sunset, we want to go on the road and see what we can accomplish elsewhere.”

“I don’t want to just stand around for the next five years and say ‘remember that one time we won a race?’,” continues the personable up-and-comer. “I want our team to keep growing. I want to keep improving. Building a touring program is the perfect way for us to make that happen. So, here we go.”