Battle at the Beach Invitational Carries Significant Importance for Marvin Freiburger

Marvin Freiburger at Sauble Speedway 2017
WALKERTON, ON – All week long, Sauble Speedway regulars across each of the speedway’s weekly divisions have prepared their entries for this Sunday’s ‘Battle at the Beach’ invitational. The event has drawn entries from all across the province is thought to be the first large-scale gathering of the 2017 season.

One of the Sauble regulars most excited to go door-to-door with the outside invaders is current Sauble Speedway Late Model point leader ‘Marvellous’ Marvin Freiburger. The multi-time feature winner is in the midst of a career year at ‘the Beach’ and is more than ready to take on anyone willing to make the haul on Sunday.

‘’We’ve been ready for this one all year,’’ exclaims Freiburger from his team’s Walkerton, ON race shop as they finish up final preparations for the Sunday’s headline event. “This is the kind of race that guys like us get up early for. We all want to test ourselves against the best talent out there. Right now, our team is as good as it has ever been. Sunday is going to be all about us working as hard as we can to take this win away from the best drivers in Ontario.”

Freiburger was one of the most vocal drivers on the roster lobbying new owner Paul Gresel and new promoter Mark Dilley to formulate an event that would draw provincial heavyweights to Sauble, and now that the idea has become a reality, the Walkerton, ON native is making sure his Tire Discounters Group-backed team is ready for battle.

‘’We’ve put in the work for a long time – and now I know we’re ready to be counted amongst some of the best teams in the province,’’ beams the Sauble Speedway fan favourite. “We want to be the best. That’s what we love the most about competing in these cars. It gives you a chance to stand toe-to-toe with every other team out there – and when it’s all said and done there’s a winner.”

“We don’t just want to be the best team at Sauble, we want to be the best team in Ontario,” adds Freiburger as he leans forward for emphasis. “Winning this Sunday is the first big step towards achieving that”

The personable veteran has already tallied a number of trips to victory lane during Sauble’s weekly competition, however he made sure to note just how much importance Sunday’s event carries for his team.

‘’Every time we unload this car we want to win – but this race is a special one for us,’’ says Freiburger. ‘’It’s going to draw the best of the best right to our doorstep. A marquee win like this, at home, is everything our team has worked for.”

“We’re going t have all of our friends and family in the stands this weekend and we want to make sure we give them something to get excited about. If we don’t come out of Sunday with a win – I can promise you it won’t be for a lack of trying.”