Back-to-Back Top-5s Have Brandon Passer Ready for Spring Velocity

Brandon Passer
ALCONA, ON – Having notched an impressive pair of top-5 finishes to open up Sunset Speedway’s NASCAR Super Stock weekly division, blue-chip prospect Brandon Passer is eager to continue his strong start to the season during this weekend’s Spring Velocity.

“I really don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of how good we can,” admits the third-generation racer. “We’re still just taking baby-steps for the most part. Every weekend we’re trying to be better than we were the week before. We want to push ourselves to the next level without overreaching. It’s a process, for sure.”

Passer rushed to the forefront of the division’s prospect list last season, with a number of spirited efforts that had him flirting with his first career Sunset Speedway victory on more than one occasion.

Now, the ALCONA, ON racer is eager to utilize the knowledge stockpiled during the 2017 campaign to help him turn the proverbial corner from prospect to contender.

“There wasn’t a single Saturday last season that didn’t make us better overall,” says Passer. “Every lap we turned ended up being beneficial to us in one way or another.”

“Even if it was just to give us a better understanding of what not to do. Because of all those nights spent learning last year, it’s helped us really hit the ground running in our first two races.”

This weekend’s two-day event will mark the debut of the heavily anticipated Great Lakes Concrete Super Stock Series. The six-race Mini-Series will be split between Sunset and Sauble throughout the course of the 2018 season, and is expected to draw some of the top Super Stock talent from across the province.

“This field is completely wide-open right now – it’s anybody’s for the taking,” says Passer of the Super Stock landscape entering the Spring Velocity. “The Great Lakes Series is on a lot of people’s radars. It’s going to be tough sledding this weekend.”

“I just have to ask a lot of myself and make the right decisions to put our car in the right position,” adds the up-and-comer. “If we can do that, the sky’s the limit for us. We can’t bury ourself in the field by making bad choices. If I can leave myself with some options, then I know this team is going to give me a piece that’s good enough to really make some noise.”