Back To Back Podium Finishes Shows Gerrit Tiemersma’s Recent Super Stock Development

Gerrit Tiemersma
NEWMARKET, ON – If there were any doubts left in regards to how far Gerrit Tiemersma has come in Sunset’s perennially stacked Super Stock division, his calm and reserved performance during Monday’s Spring Velocity event likely erased them.

Following a tumultuous 2017 season, Tiemersma has responded in a huge way, turning in a pair of impressive finishes during Sunset’s first two nights of weekly competition prior to turning in a 3rd place finish in Monday’s 50-lap Great Lakes Concrete Series race.

“The start of this season has been awesome for us,” says Tiemersma. “It’s given us a fresh outlook on just how far we can push ourselves this season. This division is so tough. There are so many accomplished guys on this roster. To have this kind of success early in the season is crucial for us – it definitely reminds our team that we belong here.”

When pressed to comment on his rookie season that fluctuated between remarkable and disheartening on a near weekly basis – Tiemersma opts to look on the bright side and dwell on how much his family-run team came together to overcome their troubles and unload with a fresh outlook for 2018.

“It can be easy to get down on yourself and feel outmatched when you’re up against this level of talent every single week,” explains the Newmarket, ON native. “But, my Dad, my Uncles and my Grandfather have all been down this road before. We had our ups-and-downs last year, but it made us dig our heels in and really come together as a team to do what we needed to get things working the way we needed them to.”

Tiemersma will return to weekly competition this Saturday, May 26th at Sunset, and will no doubt be hoping to utilize the hard-earned momentum generated on Monday to work his way back to the front of the maddeningly talented Saturday-night field.

“Finishing on the podium in the [Great Lakes Concrete Super Stock Series] debut event is a huge shot in the arm for us,” says the third-generation star. “We’re on top of the world right now, but we’ll be right back in the shop all week trying to get faster. We know that we have the speed in this car to win a lot of races this season – we just have to go and find it.”