Autumn Colours Classic outside Pole Sitter Dan Archibald Set to Contend for First Career Crown Jewel

Dan Archibald 2017

INNISFIL, ON – Thunder Car division heavyweight Dan Archibald will start this Sunday’s Autumn Colours Classic feature event from outside the front row of what’s sure to be a talent-laden and all-star calibre field.

For Archibald – a multi-time feature winner at both Sunset and Peterborough Speedway in 2017 – this weekend’s event presents the best opportunity the veteran has ever had to win ‘the Classic’ and add a crown jewel triumph to his burgeoning resume.

“I’ve been counting the days until we roll up to the gates at Peterborough,” says Archibald. “This is – without a doubt – the best car I’ve ever brought to the [Autumn Colours] Classic. Starting on the front row with a car as strong as this one is bad news for the rest of these guys. We’re something to worry about this year.”

One of the most polarizing figures in Ontario racing, Archibald’s ‘go forward’ style and aggressive approach to racing has made him both a hero and a villain depending on which fans or competitors you ask.

However, when it comes to an event as difficult to win as the Autumn Colours Classic, Archibald’s approach could be precisely what’s necessary to be out front when the laps begin to matter on Sunday.

“I don’t think my strategy is ever much of a mystery,” offers the division veteran. “I want to get out front as quickly as I can and take control of the race.”

“This isn’t a race where you want to be stuck in traffic and worrying about slower cars. Stuff can go wrong quickly at Peterborough. We want to get out front and avoid all of that as much as we can”

With over a half dozen victories in the last three seasons, Archibald remains a perennial threat in an increasingly talented division, and could very well cement his legacy as one of the best of his era with a win this weekend.

“If there’s one thing that we’ve proven in the last few years – it’s that we can win anywhere at any time,” says Archibald with confidence. “We’ve been fast on this weekend every year we’ve been going to Peterborough and we’ve had more than a few wins taken from us. That ends this year. We aren’t going home empty handed this time.”