As 2017 Season Draws to a Close, Coltin Everingham Reflects on Breakout Sunset Speedway Campaign

Coltin Everingham at Sunset Speedway 2017

ALCONA BEACH, ON – With just a single NWAAS event remaining in 2017, drivers across the Sunset Speedway roster have begun to take stock of their season’s work.

For Coltin Everingham, his fifth full season spent behind the wheel of a Super Stock has been one of enormous progress. The Alcona Beach, ON product amassed two victories – in addition to a litany of additional top-5 finishes – in his dramatic move from mid-pack constant to weekly contender.

“I could, honestly, race full time for the next twenty years and still remember every detail of this season,” smiles Everingham. “This has been one of the best years of my life. I’ll always remember this season for what it’s done for me. This car has been everything I could ever have asked it to be. We’ve outperformed my expectations in a huge way.”

Everingham credits the parity and intensity of Sunset’s most popular division for pushing him to take his family-operated team to the next level.

“Man, I wouldn’t trade racing in this division for anything,” explains the third-generation competitor. “These guys out here force you to check and double check your stuff every single week, because you know you can’t unload with anything but your absolute best if you hope to keep up. I love that kind of pressure. It’s sink or swim every Saturday – and I’m grateful for that.”

With vast improvement has come unmistakable confidence, as Everingham admits not a single event has passed in which his Streamline Race Products-backed outfit has not felt as though they were capable of contending.

“There hasn’t been a single Saturday this season where we’ve unloaded at Sunset and I haven’t felt like we had a chance to win,” explains Everingham. “It’s unreal what confidence can do for you.”

“I’m at my best right now,” adds the confident youngster with a smile. “I’ve never had a car this good. I’ve never had a team this good. We have an opportunity to do something great every time we take the green. And we’re a problem for anyone else in this division.”