Anthony DiBello Unafraid of High Expectations Heading into Flamboro 

Anthony DiBello
WOODVILLE, ON – Ontario Modified Racing Series freshman Anthony DiBello will roll into the tour’s event at Flamboro Speedway this Saturday hoping to register his first series victory outside of his Peterborough Speedway homebase.
“We’ve sort’ve been hit and miss this year,” DiBello said. “I’m real used to racing weekly and being on that grind of every Saturday. Racing every seven days. Race, work on your car, repeat. So, being on the tour has been a little bit of an adjustment for me. It’s taken some getting used to.”
The likeable second-generation racer has worked dutifully this season to design a setup package that works outside of the speedway he’s called home for close to a decade – and is cautiously optimistic of his chances entering Saturday’s event.
“I’ve had my hopes pretty grounded right from the first moment I brought this car home last Winter,” explained the three-time Peterborough Speedway Thunder Car champion. “This is a huge learning experience. I’ve never raced an open-wheel car before and I’ve never had a season where we’re racing at a different speedway in every event. I knew there’d be a learning curve.”
“We won the first event (of the 2018 season) at Peterborough and it just showed me that our equipment definitely has what it takes to contend,” continued DiBello. “But, we still had a long way to go from there. It’s one thing to win in your backyard and it’s something entirely different to do the same thing out on the road.”
“We’ve been good these last few weeks,” added the blue-collar standout. “I think we’ve got some momentum on our side now and I’m looking forward to showing off what we have for Flamboro. Our flat-track package is a lot better now than it was at the beginning of the year. I think we’ll be in the mix for sure.”
DiBello credits the parity and quality of competition on the OMRS Tour for keeping each race event so tightly contested, as he hopes more weekly racers take the plunge to come out on tour in 2019.
“I really hope we see more Saturday-night guys join this roster next year. The racing is good, the cars are affordable and – most importantly – you really have to work your ass off to win one of these races.”
“It’s an awesome atmosphere, man,” smiled DiBello. “I’m happy our team made the decision to give this a try and I can’t even tell you how many racers I’ve recommended it to in the last year. I’m excited to see (the OMRS) grow in the next couple years.”